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Comic Coming soon

2017-06-05 22:59:46 by Gorksonic

Based of my Original Characters.


2017-04-19 15:54:12 by Gorksonic


Changing my Avatar

2017-04-13 21:58:35 by Gorksonic

To a great new OC!


2017-04-01 16:34:50 by Gorksonic


At school as part of my assignments it  will be another few months till I post some decent art here art here. But soon enough A new kind of art post will be posted on my Newgrounds asap. it is some sort of Clay men.

It about A Mage knight that Punches Golems to death with his Magical fists. That guard  thier ruined temple.

I'll show you a Sceenshot or somthing of it when its finished.

Team Game project.

I'm thinking of making a Earthworm Jim Inspired Videogame in the Near Future.

Its gonna be Prototyped in Stencyl game engine.


This status is to be Updated.

After Summer 2016

See you then.

Game Design

2016-04-29 00:43:36 by Gorksonic

Currently Leaning how to Program in the Videogame  Engine Stencyl.

 See Stencyl  game maker here. its free  and easy to use   http://www.stencyl.com/

My Schoolwork is my Priority over my Personal Arts. Since I need to get a job soon so If its been a few month without my Posting art here  on newgrounds recently Its because I'm working on somthing important.


If your into Games like Megaman I created a Stage in the iOS  and Android game, Tekling,  using Stencyl.

Please help me reach my Goals for my Future carreer in Arts and Videogame design. See details on Patreon.


I am creating Original Cartoon Character Arts, Comics and Animations.